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Updated May 2017

If you are new to this site, let me say that the purpose is to share some of the places that Molly, my loyal black lab, and I have visited. Sadly she is no longer with me. I will lead you to a variety of locales with interesting people and adventures. I hope you enjoy this novel tour.

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San Diego Photos

Pacific Coast at Scripps Institute

Lighthouse at Point Loma.

The harbor view from Point Loma.

Boats at Harbor Island.


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Death on the Water

What begins as an innocent whale watching excursion turns into a tragic and mysterious death of a prominent San Diego real estate developer. Hank Carson along with now his former partner a San Diego Police Department homicide detective, and an insurance fraud investigator are embroiled in determining if the death was an accident, suicide, or murder. They postulate several scenarios with multiple suspects. The mystery and investigation is interspersed with moments of depression, seduction, love and fun in the scenic San Diego Bay area. Hank is faced with a conflict of love interests causing him to focus his emotions like never before. He is forced into choosing one of two beautiful women, while having to deal with this case involving the explosion of a speedboat and the rescue of a woman floundering in the Pacific Ocean. This is a story worthy of reading.