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If you are new to this site, let me say that the purpose is to share some of the places that Molly & I have visited. Throught these stories I will lead you to a variety of locales filled with interesting people and adventures. I hope you enjoy this novel tour.

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Killer On The Train

He has dealt with crime, corruption,
mayhem and gang violence. After eleven years with the LAPD he is on disability and has the time to see and experience the wonders that this country has to offer. Bruce enjoys his semi-retirement as a free lance writer. He travels the country in his RV with his loyal companion, Molly. She is a seven year old black Lab. His current assignment brings him to the picturesque area of the Napa Valley wine country.

While attending a fund raising wine
tasting his experience with the LAPD puts him in the middle of a murder investigation. At the crime scene he meets Alicia, a senior agent with the California Bureau of Investigation and assists with solving this mystery. She and Bruce may become romantically attracted with interesting results. The challenge is to remain focused on solving the murder that has nearly two hundred potential suspects. Twists and turns between denials and confessions makes this an intriguing story.

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