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If you are new to this site, let me say that the purpose is to share some of the places that Molly, my loyal black lab, and I have visited. Sadly she is no longer with me. I will lead you to a variety of locales with interesting people and adventures. I hope you enjoy this novel tour.

"Stories to come"
The Nomad plans to travel to these venues this year. New stories will follow:

San Diego
Route 66

Be sure to come back again to see the latest news and stories of the people and places we visit.


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Hank Carson a former LA Police detective now a semi-retired writer covering an event for a national magazine finds himself embroiled in a mysterous murder. The victim is a very abusive food and wine critic with a number of people who are not sad over his passing. Bruce is asked to secure the crime scene on the famous Napa Valley Wine Train until the authorities arrive.
With over 200 potential suspects to interview the California Bureau of Investigation allows him to observe and offer his knowledge as the case progresses. Is he attracted to the lead CBI agent? It is an entertaining "Whodunit" with romantic encounters and conflicts.


A speedboat rams into the floating Whale Tail excursion boat off the coast of Point Loma. Shortly after impact the boat catches fire and sinks. A man was seen laying over the helm when the speedboat sinks. A woman is pulled from the cold water with a cut on her head. Later it is discovered she is the wife of the dead man. Writer Hank Carson finds himself envolved in another mystery. Was this an accident, suicide, or murder?
He is introduced to the insurance company fraud investigator. They team up and assist the Police with the investigation.
Is there a romantic interest? He is torn between two women.

Writer Hank Carson and Molly arrived at the Fairplex RV Park two weeks after depositing his lover at the Las Vegas airport. The Pomona Fairplex is home of the Grand National Roadster Show, now in the tenth year in Pomona. Hank is writing an article about the show for Popular Rodding magazine. He is to meet with four of the car builders competing for the America's Most Beautiful Roadster Award. This is one of the most coveted awards given to hot rodders in the US.
This assignment is one he is pleased to do, but not being seperated from his love interest. They hope to meet sometime over the weeks he is at the show. Murders interupt their plans. Hank is put into an uncomfortable position when a woman comes on to him. Now his honesty and character are challenged. Mel arrives to determine if insurance fraud is a factor in the sequence of events they must confront.