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OREGON - Part One
This travel log covers the beginning of our activities in Oregon.

Molly and I started working as an acting Camp Host in Oregon at the Schwarz Campground. Schwarz Campground was created and is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. "I'm now working for the Army!" This agency created the dam and Lake Dorena as a flood control project. We are about 5 miles SE of Cottage Grove, which is about 25 miles south the Eugene, both located just off of Interstate 5.

The camp consists of 82 campsites plus 3 camp host sites and 5 group sites. All sites, except the Camp Host sites, are dry camps - no power, water, sewer. It is nicely formatted with drinking water spigots easily accessable for the campers. There are 3 restroom buildings and even one with showers. The negative is that there are no AT&T cell phone or computer signals. So I got a second phone and I now have access to the camps Wi-fi, but only when to booth is closed.

My space in the camp is adjacent to the other camp host, a nice couple from Tucson, AZ. The other couple, from Florida, who are here will be working the entry booth. They are very nice and let me link to their satellite dish. Since we are in a grove of tall evergreen and oak trees there are limited places for the dish to get a signal.

The camp hosts from Tucson are race fans and I was invited to join them at the local car races. There daughter and son-in-law, Laura and Ted, live here in Cottage Grove. Ted used to race Sprint cars, but quit after a crash injury, so his motorcycle racing son, Colin 18, took his ride and began to set records and win races. This is only the beginning of his second year in the car. The racing on Saturday night, May 9 was really good. The super mods were fun to watch, half the field were good cars and drivers and the rest caused all of the crashes. The sprint car racing was exceptionally good. I plan to go to many more races here and a few other tracks as well.

I have just got the job description and schedule for the remainder of my stay here. I will be working about 4 hours a day Monday thru Thursday and have the weekends free. "No complaints about that!" I will be doing minor maintenance at this campground and at another Corps of Engineer campground about 10 miles away. We will be here until August first, which gives us time to explore the area. Then we will again travel and live in the motorhome, and tow the hot rod. Late summer and fall I plan to visit with friends in Salem and Portland, and I also hope to attend some car races, rod & custom car shows (Hot August Nights in Reno), and possibly Bonneville Salt Flats for "Speed Week" racing. I will make the visit with my daughters later in the fall as I head back to Tucson.

I am still applying photos and images of cars and food to the walls of the motorhome, a la deco-page. I am changing the window treatment and will be getting the cockpit upholstery changed in the near future. I've yet to scrub and polish the exterior of the motorhome due to the rainy days, but it is an agenda item. I also have to rely on the weather to cooperate when I go driving, since I do not have a top for the hot rod and don't relish driving in the rain.

I have another cell phone: 541-521-4710. My AT&T cell does not receive a signal while at the campground, and still active.
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY a message can be left at the Ranger Station 541-942-5631.
The entry booth phone number is 541-942-1418.

Here are pics of the races at Cottage Grove Speedway, shown is the wall at the entrance. There are two of the super modified and three of the sprints including one of the #23 car driven by Colin Baker, who finished second in the main. Here are some photos of the inside of the motorhome - from original dinette,
gutting the dinette, and to completion.
These photos are of the Schwarz campground. One of the trees at our site, the site with the 3 camp hosts and the hot rod and motorhome. The other images are of some other parts of the campground.
This photo is of one of several murals painted on the downtown buildings. I will be visiting most of them during the next couple of weeks, weather permitting, and include these pics in the next newsletter.
As you can tell I am "incummunicado" via email. I can receive snail mail at this address:
Bruce Jensen, Camp Host
34909 Shoreview Dr
Cottage Grove, OR 97424-9538

Yep, there is rain here. In fact it has been raining since I got here and has done so through the weekend. Oregon is known for the rain, which makes everything green, even the trees are covered with a layer of bright green moss. Fortunately it hasn't been a constant rain, just very often during the day and night. I don't know why, but I was hoping that the summer here would be like a Tucson winter. Of course it is only the first part of May.

I have had the chance to get the motorhome comfortably in place with the car trailer and the hot rod parked in my space. I've been organizing in the motorhome and adding more decor items. I have items to place on the ceiling and much more deco-page of the walls yet to do. I hope to get it all completed before I leave here at the end of July.

"Aren't you supposed to be doing some kind of work" you ask. Well, yes I have some duties. So far there is no firm schedule beyond the 20th of May. Basically I work 4 days on duty, 2 or 4 off, then 3 on, etc. The job entails a tour of the campground, 2 to 3 times each day, noting who has registered and who hasn't. Inform campers of any rules violations, pass out the campground newsletter, and make note of any infractions. No restrooms to clean, or campsites to clean, just some litter pick-up. There have been only a couple of camper here each day. Some come for a day or so and then leave. This is going to be an easy few months.

Bye for now. I will send more info and photos as we continue to explore the area.

Bruce and Molly

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