Bruce The Nomad 2009 Travel Plans
This is our recent travels and activities as of December, 2009.

To the right is a photo of Bill, Molly and myself in front of the hot rod as we began its disassembly at our winter abode in Tucson.

Jul-Sep, 2009
House remodel at South Lake Tahoe

A 3 day visit to Bonneville Speed weeks

Oct '09 - Spring '2010
Working on the hot rod
and other activities,
Mostly in Tucson, AZ

My friend Bill, who moved west from Ohio, and joined Molly and I at Lake Tahoe. He worked with me on a home remodeling project for several weeks then we all left the 6,250 high elevation of the lake and are now in Tucson. Which is a good thing since the temperature was getting cold at night. We left for Arizona as the snow was coming.

I will continue to send out notices of my activities and regularly, if there is anything worthy, update this travel log as applicable. I hope you are enjoying this. Send me your comments and suggestions. I always like to hear from my "Family & Friends".

I will update and modify this schedule as dates get altered or events dictate a new schedule.


Bruce, Molly and Bill
A photo of the motorhome and hot rod at the Bonneville Salt Flat camping location.
Places I visit and stuff:
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Hot Rodding in Tucson.
Our trip from Lake Tahoe to Tucson.
July through September at Lake Tahoe, and car stuff.
Our first couple of weeks at Lake Tahoe
Our trip from southern Cal to Lake Tahoe
Our trip from AZ to CA
Our Stay at Sierra Vista, AZ
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